We offer a wide                     range of activities!

We are a group of 200 women dedicated to promoting Republican values and candidates.  We were chartered on June 12, 1955 as Encino Republican Women Federated.  In 2002, Laurel Oaks RWF merged with us to become our current club, Encino Oaks RWF.  We are affiliated with the National Federation of Republican Women (NFRW) and overseen by Southern Division of the California Federation of Republican Women (CFRW).  We are an integral part of the Los Angeles County Federation of Republican Women (LACFRW).  

We encourage all our members to do more than just attend meetings and read our monthly newsletter . . . we challenge them to get involved - working together we can have a great impact on our community, our state, and our nation.  The motto of Republican Federated Women: When Women Work We Win!!!

  • Voter registration at our local mall, LA County Fair, and the new citizen ceremony
  • Campaign work at Republican Headquarters
  • Precinct Walking
  • Get-Out-the-Vote drive
  • Poll watching (preventing voter fraud)
  • Fundraising events for: Republican student scholarships, youth literacy, and veteran support
  • Social Gatherings​
                    Encino Oaks Republican Women Federated
                            When Women Work We Win!

2019 Board Members





                           First Vice-President                           Second Vice-President

                                    Program                                               Membership

                    Jennifer Farmer & Karen Brewster        MARIA MICHEL & Rosemary Costello


                           Third Vice-President                          Fourth Vice-President

                           Precinct & Campaign                                  Ways & Means     

                              RITA MEDVEDEV                                    Mary Claire Powell

                           Recording Secretary                                    Treasurer

                               Valerie McCabe                                     NONIE GEISMANN


                     Corresponding Secretary                          Newsletter Editor 

                               DIANE DUNN                                       NATALIE MEDVEDEV

            Digital Communications Director              

            Marianne Raia